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  • Give the world the best Military Games"-Wuhan Urban Lighting Project

    The landscape lighting upgrade project for the Military Games is based on the "10+1" important guarantee roads, focusing on the Yangtze River, the East Lake Green Heart, and the Wuhan Sports Center, and takes the city gateway, competition venues and hotels as important lighting parts. " The “Donghu Hotel-Sports Center” line landscape lighting is designed and constructed in accordance with world-class standards. The Guishan TV Tower, buildings along the Han River, Luojia Mountain, and other important lighting scenes that LiteMagic participated in the construction are all located on or close to this line. The 7th Military World Games, with the most participants, is the largest, the most influential in the history of the Military World Games. LiteMagic, as a participant in the Wuhan City Nightscape Improvement Project, witnessed the brilliant lights of Wuhan!

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  • Taiyuan Urban Lighting Project

    Taiyuan’s urban landscape lighting planning is based on “four verticals and four horizontals axis”. The project involves the central area of the city, including buildings on both sides of Longcheng Street, Yingze Street, Wuyi Road, Bingzhou Road, Binhe East and West Road, the Fen River, Taiyuan South Railway Station, airport viaducts, pedestrian bridges. LiteMagic ’s products light up nearly 900 buildings, 20 pedestrian overpass and ramps, 2 bridges and Fenhe River of 60-kilometers, providing three types of products: dot light, wall washer and linear light.

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  • Pinqing Lake side Lighting Upgrade Project in Shanwei city

    In the night view lighting project around Pinqing Lake, "LiteMagic" played the role as the only lighting supplier and completed the whole project. "LiteMagic " provided high-quality lighting solutions for different needs of the project. According to the requirements of the design plan, four kinds of product including wall washer, flood light, dot light and linear light were used in the project. Dot light, which illustrated the theme of light show, highlighted the vitality of the coastal city of Shanwei. Linear light was used to show the outline of the building. Flood light were used to highlight the structure of the building’s top part. The wall washers were used to highlight the texture of the building's facades. All products, with stable quality and outstanding light color performance, met lighting design requirements perfectly. What’s more, the advanced GPS wireless synchronization control method was used in this project, which perfectly realized the intelligent lighting management.

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  • "Tianfu Xiongzhou" reappears in a new look: Jianyang City Lighting Project in Sichuan

    Since 2018, the scenic spot has been upgraded and upgraded based on the principle of “integration of history and culture, integration of lighting and landscape, integration of tradition and modernity”, “rebuilding and upgrading, showing Jianyang characteristics”. Nowadays, the night view project includes one city axis, two river sides, three lines, two mountains, five bridges and multiple parts has been completed. LiteMagic participated in many parts in this project, including three parts: one axis, two river sides, and two mountains. It was completed in two phases. The first phase mainly includes Binjiang Road and Dongxi Avenue in Jianyang City, forming a amazing lighting effect of two sides of Tuojiang The second phase covers the buildings surrounding from the Municipal building, with Government Square, Xiongzhou Square, and Jianyang Central Square as the central axis, as well as Yinao Pavilion in Aoshan Park.

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  • Chengdu night tour lighting project of Jinjiang River

    The special lighting plan in the central urban area of Chengdu creates a landscape lighting with "one mountain and two centers, three axes and four circulars, multiple corridors and patches". As an important water system and waterfront public space in Chengdu, Jinjiang is included as one of the three axes. The project has improved the functional lighting on both sides of the Jinjiang River to meet the requirements of pedestrians. It also has upgraded the landscape lighting for the buildings and trees on both sides of Jinjiang River, reflecting the urban characteristics of vitality, leisure, and ecological livability, creating a livable waterfront landscape lighting atmosphere. Night tour lighting project has successfully created a cultural tourism project centered on Jinjiang River and taking advantage of audible and visual arts. LiteMagic participated in landscape lighting of both sides of Jinjiang River and providaed support for luminaries and control systems for the project.

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