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  • Chongqing Sheraton Hotel Lighting Project

    The Sheraton Tower includes two main buildings of the same height and structure design, which are called "Chongqing Twin Towers". The total height of the building is about 220 meters, of which the crown of the tower is 70 meters (including the spire of 19 m). The building body is 120 me while the podium is 30 m. The 5 facades of the building and the 8 facades of the tower crown are the focus of this lighting renovation. The designer introduced new technologies and new design concepts to this project: lighting design plan is classified according to height level of the building to create multi-dimensional lighting effects; lighting environment of the western Crown International Twin Towers is systematically connected through lighting control system to achieve technically energy saving. This project uses LiteMagic’s product to create a fashionable and energetic landmark for Chongqing city.

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  • "Space Creation and Light Empowerment"-Qingdao Hisense Science Exhibition Hall Renovation

    Hisense Scientific Exploration Center is located in Shinan District of Qingdao City, where Hisense’s old R&D center and factory are located. Now it has been transformed into a comprehensive and interactive scientific exploration and popular science base with the theme of "Science and Nature Exploration". With the concept of "success stems from curiosity" and the theme of "one-time exploration, enlightening science", Hisense Science Discovery Center has cleverly constructed a unique pattern of "five halls, one hall and one world", including the Science Enlightenment Hall and the Science Discovery Hall, Nature Discovery Hall, World Consumer Electronics Museum, Hisense History and Culture Museum, Show World, and 25Plus Cafe (Urban Living Room). LiteMagic provided a full range of product support for the project, mainly including commercial entrances, cafes (also called “Urban living rooms”), Hisense History and Culture Museum, and a 24-hour exhibition hall in the “World of Display”. The space is endowed with science, experience, leisure, dining, and parent-child interaction functions.

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  • Lighting Project of West Lake State Guest House, Hangzhou

    In this lighting project, LiteMagic applied many advanced technologies, including standard DMX512 parallel design, long-distance visual consistency design, two-channel signal transmission technology, pixel-by-pixel image correction technology, and advanced waterproofing technology. Under control of self-developed LMS lighting control system, 450,000 pcs of pixels installed on a total of 18 buildings of both sides of the Qiantang River formed a significant dynamic lighting effect. In terms of the control system, LiteMagic innovatively adopted the network server control mode, enabling remote control by Internet and APP, which can be accurately controlled and adjusted at anytime and anywhere. All this greatly reduces installation and maintenance costs. Peng Yong, Vice General Manager of LiteMagic, said that most of the buildings involved in the project were out of date with complex construction conditions. It was hard to ensure that the original appearance of the building would not be damaged, and the water and electricity facilities inside the building would not be affected. Coupled with various unknown factors, construction of this project encountered great difficulties. Therefore, the construction plan must undergo rigorous and meticulous design, and comprehensive considerations must be made from product to construction. Due to the large scale and great complexity of construction, parties and individuals involved, mutual trust and good communication were necessary for the successful completion of the project.

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  • Lighting Renovation Project of Mumbai Municipal Building, India

    Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is also India’s largest seaport and an important transportation junction. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), i.e., Mumbai City Government, formerly known as the British municipal council in Mumbai in early 1865. After several times relocations, the council moved to the current Gothic municipal building in 1893. The municipal building is located in the political and cultural center of southern Mumbai and is called the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation Building (hereinafter referred to as the BMC Building). The building has now been listed by the municipal government as a second grade and level one heritage building in Mumbai. It is not only a landmark of Mumbai, but also has important cultural and historical value. It is also a popular tourist spot for night landscapes, shaping the image and identity of the city at night. After careful lighting design, LiteMagic replaced the original sodium luminaires with a variety of new LED RGBW (6000K) luminaires, including linear wall washer LM-PW010, flood light LM-PW009, LM-PW013 and LM-PW014.All decorative string lights was removed at the same time. LiteMagic applied intelligent lighting management system to flexibly adjust the light color to achieve dynamic and static lighting scenes. Original installation structures were also taken use of, so all installation were completed without additional damage to the original building structure. More importantly, LiteMagic have not only restored the original appearance of the building, but also achieved the goal of reshaping the Gothic architectural style of the building through the lighting renovation facades. The project not only created a holy religious atmosphere for BMC building, but also refreshed the building by synchronous dynamic light.

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