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  • Shangluo City National Water Conservancy Scenic Area Upgrade Project

    Shangluo City, located on the southern side of the Qinling Mountains, is known as the most beautiful place in the Qinling Mountains with the mountains and rivers blending in each other. It is a shining pearl inlaid in the vast valleys of the Qinling Mountains. The lighting enhancement project of the national scenic area in Shangluo City, with the theme of "Painting Danjiang ink with light, Activate Shangshan and Luoshui with shadow", emphasized the beauty of Shangluo's mountains and rivers. The design scope included water systems, landscapes, buildings, and mountains. LiteMagic participated in the very important part from Wangyuan Bridge to Danjiang Interchange, with a total length of 2.2 kilometers. Gorgeous lights, music laser show, enthusiastic or unrestrained or gentle music, interesting light projections, all of these have brought new life to ancient city Shangluo and enabled citizens and tourists to fully enjoy the modern urban life. LiteMagic participated in the improvement of lighting on both sides of the Danjiang River in Shangluo City, as well as major bridges and rivers by providing lighting products and control system solutions—all of which are based on LiteMagic’s stable product quality and advanced control technology

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  • Tang Yu

    Tangyu has been famous for its hot springs since the Tang Dynasty. Tangyu Hot Spring, as the largest open-air bath in the northwest, locate beside Tangyu River. The beautiful and quiet environment makes it a perfect place for leisure, ecological sightseeing,health preservation, elderly care, and business travel. The main purpose of this project is to reflect its natural style and its unique classical features. Soft light with warm colors temperature is applied to illuminate the wooden buildings and small bridges. Lighting plays the role as a tool to reveal the architectural characteristics of architectures. LiteMgic’s low-power wall washer are installed under the handrail of bridges to illuminate the road on bridges. Asymmetry optics of wall washer avoid useless light outside the handrail. It not only guides the direction of tourists and ensures the safety of the tour process, but also achieves energy saving. The lighting help to create a quiet and elegant night atmosphere of this natural eco-tourism resorts and bring the tourists joyful, relax feelings.

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  • Yuxi Riverside Park, Yulin City

    The park occupies a total area of nearly 970,000 square meters. The landscape planning concept focus on "people, rivers, and cities", based on "one belt, two points, and three areas". “One belt” stands for the ecological corridor of the riverside park. “Two point” stands for Jiu Qu square and Yuxi Square. “Three areas” include historical and cultural recreation area, folk customs exhibition area and the ecological sports recreation area. Yuxi River Park is surrounded by forests and river, where the natural scenery is blending with the architectural landscape, showing the magnificent frontier cultural elements. There is an island in the center of the lake sounding in the park, on which a group of antique buildings is built in. LiteMagic provided the antique building with a variety of wall washers, linear pixel light dot light of different specifications. Different types of luminaires were installed on the guardrails, eaves and fa?ade of city wall, waterside pavilions, and corridors of the antique buildings, highlighting the structural design features, making it landmark in the park. The antique-style buildings in the Yuxi Riverside Park applied modern architectural techniques and elements of the ancient frontier fortress culture, which is simple and unsophisticated, to add an antique atmosphere to the Riverside Park. The well-designed architectural and landscape lighting makes the buildings shine at night, highlighting its simple and elegant featuress in the night. The Riverfront Park has become a good place for citizens and tourists to relax, entertain in the evening.

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