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  • Qinghai Xi Ning Yuanshu Interchange Overpass

    The majestic Xining Yuanshu Interchange is the largest overpass in Qinghai Province and even in Northwest China. It is located on the west side of Shangri-La Road in Xining City. The main line bridge is 1.29 kilometers long from east to west, 0.7 kilometers long from north to south, and 29 meters in height. Construction started on April 30, 2016. This is a five-story and five-way X-shaped interchange, with 12 ramps in the 4 directions respectively, which are responsible for traffic conversion between different directions. Through this interchange, vehicles can enter the old and new West Tower Expressway, the Beijing-Tibet Expressway, the South Ring Expressway, and the Phoenix Mountain Highway which was under construction. The completion of this bridge will greatly improve the main skeleton of Xining's traffic expressway network. Trunk Road The main road of Phoenix Mountain Expressway is located at the highest level of the interchange with a wide view. The width of the roadway on both sides is 12m-12.5m, and the designed speed of each lane is 80Km/h. Therefore, the functional lighting of main road of Phoenix Mountain Expressway was realized by the single-sided or double-sided arrangement of the 12m high pole streetlights, with decorative landscape lighting. Ramps The functional lighting of the ramp is realized by LiteMagic’s low-level lighting system-guardrail luminaires. As mentioned above, the Yuanshu Interchange is a five-story, five-way X-shaped large-scale interchange. The main roads and ramps are crisscrossed between each other. High pole streetlights, if were applied, would hinder the driver's sight and cause unsafety for driving.The public space around the overpass would also be cumbersome due to the dense street light poles. Moreover, a large number of high poles would result in high initial installation cost and subsequent maintenance cost. Guardrail lights solve the above problems well. More than 9,200 sets of R2301 guardrail lights customized by "LiteMagic" were used for the functional lighting for ramps of the overpass in the entire Yuanshu Interchange Overpass.

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  • Lighting Project of Qingdao Licang District

    Jinshui Road Overpass is located on Huanwan Road, a highway adjacent to Jiaozhou Bay and close to Qingdao North Railway Station. To ensure the light effect, LiteMagic installed the linear wall washer Brush-SW015 by erecting profiles and brackets at the cantilever arm of the bridge in advance. By this method, the luminaires were easier to be adjusted with the help of the bracket, so that the light can be washed down to the pier and the road area under the bridge, while washing the cantilever arm with light. The 45° beam angle highlighted the outline of the bridge and took the lighting effects of the road and water surface into account; Luminaires were equipped with a professional optic lens to ensure the visual comfort of driving at night; RGBW color mixing under control of DMX512 system could adapt to different lighting scenes setting. The color of luminaires was customized to be more harmonious with the appearance of the bridge. Qingdao North Railway Station, located in Licang District, is the second largest railway station in Qingdao. It forms the four major transportation hubs around Jiaozhou Bay in Qingdao with Qingdao Station, Hongdao Station and Qingdao West Station. LiteMagic’s linear wall washer Brush-SW011 were installed inside the grille on the keel of the station’s waiting hall, with a total of more than 5600 sets. The high-power wall washers which illuminated through the grille provided a bright enough indoor lighting without causing obvious glare. The luminaires were equipped with 2200K and 6500K light source to enable color temperature to be adjusted; professional PMMA lens and 45° beam angle ensured uniform and soft floodlight; hidden power supply and wiring arrangement ensure the structure of the building keep clean; Adjustable brackets and safety ropes ensured the fixation and safety for installation. The downward light from Brush-SW011 in the waiting hall complemented other indoor lighting systems, providing a brighter and softer environment for the whole space.

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  • Shenzhen Chegongmiao Interchange

    The lighting improvement project in Shenzhen not only renovated the building facade and landscape lighting, but also included the public facilities into the scope of the renovation. For example, the lighting enhancement for the bridge of Beihuan Avenue and Futian Section of Binhe Avenue have been reconsidered. Among them, the Chegongmiao Interchange located on Binhe Avenue in the central area of Futian, was one of the objects that need to be renovated urgently. The lighting of the Chegongmiao interchange was set in dynamic mode. LiteMagic’s about 15,000 sets of RGBW linear pixel lighting luminaire called MagicTube-L4308, were installed below the guardrail along bridge and structure. MagicTube-L4308 was an upgrade based on the mature MagicTube-EW204, which enhanced color mixing effect, and can ideally meet requirements of dynamic full-color direct-viewing lighting. At the same time, the Chegongmiao overpass is located on the busy traffic area with huge traffic volume in Futian District. The effect of the densely installed luminaries, once it was not well controlled, would directly affect driving safety and cause public safety hazards. To avoid the interference of lighting on the driver and to improve human visual experience, all the light effects of L4308 had been carefully designed and adjusted. The light color and illuminance of the illuminated surface were adjusted to be as soft as possible to make the drivers easier to adapt without irritation during driving. To protect the original structure of the bridge, the constructor abandoned the traditional destructive installation method of directly drilling holes on the guardrail structure and fixing it with screws when installing luminaires. Instead, the luminaires were installed with custom-made hoops, which were specially equipped with anti-vibration to reduce the impact caused by the vibration of the bridge. As night falls, the animation effect on the bridge guardrail starts as the lights are lit. The 5 pixels per meter design enables a basis for the realization of animation content. Vertically arranged linear pixel light display various animation: The continuously extending arrow indicates the direction of the bridge. The dynamic colorful waves bring infinite vitality to the urban space. The blooming flowers against the dark night brings people a sense of ease.

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  • Lighting Project Qinghai Xining Huangshui Road Viaduct

    Over 4,500-meter-long RGB linear pixel light LM-EW204, which are used to outline the line direction of the bridge were installed on the Huangshui Bridge guardrail. The opal white PC cover ensures the uniformity of light mixing on illuminated surface. Under control by DMX512, EW204 greatly enriches the expressive power of the light and increases the attraction of the bridge. The high-power dot light LM-DW328 are firmly installed on the upper part of the outer side of the bridge and guardrail, with equal spacing, looks like the pearls on the ribbon, making the circuitous bridge more rhythmic. LM-DW328 are equipped with opal white spherical PC cover, which enables uniform light mixing and soft illuminance. Coupled with 4000K neutral white LED, the overall lighting brings good performance and visual comfortable. LM-SW011 is installed along the curved surface of the bridge bottom with its body custom-painted in gray, which is consistent with the color of the bridge. Its 20° * 60° beam angle can achieve large-area projection and wall washing effects with uniform and soft light. The 1800K warm yellow light covers the curved surface, which is close to the light color of the high-pressure sodium installed on the viaduct and the road under the bridge. So that the functional road lighting around the bridge and the decorative lighting is highly harmonious and integrated. Except functional lighting, the lighting project of Huangshui Road Viaduct also achive decorative lighting through the application of LED RGB linear pixel lights and dot light, which not only makes the bridge itself more beautiful, but also makes Huangshui Bridge become a new business card for the city's night scene lighting, allowing the city to be presented in front of people with a brand new image.

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  • Landscape lighting of Chaobai River Fuxing Bridge Project in Shunyi District, Beijing

    The Chaobai River Fuxing Bridge has a main span of 155 meters and a main tower of 50 meters high. It is the largest cable-stayed bridge in Shunyi District and the first double-tower and double plane cable-stayed bridge in Beijing. The bridge has dual 2-lanes carriageway. The main bridge adopts a three-span and symmetrical double-tower, and double plane cable-stayed bridge design. Construction of the bridge started in March 2016 and started operation in early 2018. Chaobai River Fuxing Bridge adopts dynamic lighting design, all luminaires are controlled by DMX system, and are divided into three intelligent modes: functional mode, festival mode, and weekdays mode. The functional mode is set for road lighting. The lighting in the weekdays mode is comfortable and pleasant, and the lighting in the festival mode becomes dynamic and full of festive atmosphere. 3 lighting mode create a pleasant and distinctive night view of the Chaobai River. The 3.5° long-distance-projection floodlight LM-PW008 and the 9° LM-PW009 were applied to project the cable from the bottom to the top. Both LM-PW008 and LM-PW009 have precise adjustment aiming designs, effectively realizing ultra-long-distance precise projection of cables of different lengths. On the outside of the main tower of the bridge, a "light belt" composed of linear pixel light extending from top to bottom creates an upright posture. The 9° large- scale floodlight LM-PW009 surrounding the main tower illuminates the 50-meter-high main tower brightly, making the main tower more majestic and becoming the visual center of the bridge. The guardrails on both sides are embedded with LiteMagic’s linear light LM-EW203. It adopted special production method: reserved holes according to the size of linear light when the guardrail was produced, and then installed the linear light on the construction site. After installation, LM-EW203 integrated with the handrail to form a unique "self-luminous guardrail". At the edge of the bridge, LM-SW015 was chosen to brighten the cantilever beam structure, which makes the bridge looks more three-dimensional. Precise adjustment of different kinds of luminaries keeps the color of the cantilever light at the bottom of the bridge consistent with that of the bridge. The shimmering Chaobai River is integrated with the bridges and the trees on both sides of the river. Lighting creates a vibrant, quiet and vivid night lighting landscape of the Chaobai River.

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