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Outdoor Nightscape Lighting

Landscape lighting refers to both a lighting function and function both art decorate and beautify the environment outdoor lighting project.Landscape lighting usually covering range, categories, need overall planning, critical thinking as the key node, such as kei chan, building individual accent lighting, therefore, lighting technique is diversiform, the choice of the illuminator is complex, higher requirements to the lighting designer's overall ability.Landscape lighting can be divided into the road landscape lighting, garden plaza, landscape lighting, landscape lighting.

Architectural Facade Lighting

External irradiation with omni (project-light lamp) building decoration, make its brightness is higher than the ambient brightness, shows the building modelling, outstanding architecture, facade lighting is more common.Flood lighting effect is not only related to the light source intensity and color, also with the outside the building wall materials of light absorption and reflection ability, are also associated with building background or environment brightness.Flood lighting is also used in lighting and landscape lighting of the field.The flood lighting of buildings should possess three conditions for:

(1) building surface should have certain reflectance.

(2) building surface had better be to diffuse, or diffusion and the directional reflection.

(3) does not carry on residential, hospital, hotel building flood lighting.Flood lighting light source for HID.To save energy, should be careful with area of flood lighting.

2, contour lighting

Point light or light outline form and decorative details along the building installation, according to the outline of the building.Point light LED, electrodeless lamp;Line light source has a fluorescent lamp, cold cathode lamp, side glowing optical fiber, etc.Contour features obvious contour lighting is especially suitable for construction or big screen glass building nightscape lighting.

3, through lighting inside

Light source installed in buildings, corridor, through window of door of vitreous screen or transmission light, outward facade lighting effect.There are also special lighting within, lighting and building function is used as the lighting inside, but should be preferred its own lighting function, saving investment, easy maintenance, more suitable for glass window, or a large area of glass curtain wall construction.Environment when the dark is better.Light source adopts fluorescent lamp

4, wall act the role ofing

With optical fiber, light guide and microwave sulfur lamp, laser, light emitting diode, neon lamp, projection lamp light and flame and other special lighting equipment and technology for building facade lighting and decoration, building good image at night.

5, comprehensive lighting

By according to the special shape or special requirements, in a way is difficult to achieve ideal effect of illumination, need to use a variety of methods to achieve perfect art lighting effect.

Indoor Lighting

Interior lighting is an important part of indoor environment design, indoor lighting design to benefit the activities of the safety and comfortable life.In people's life, the light is not only indoor lighting conditions, and it is to express the basic elements of space form, build the environment atmosphere.Okada, "kelly said:" there is no light there is no space."The effect of light, to the person's visual function is very important.Indoor natural light or lamplight illume design to meet the needs of the people to a variety of activities on the function, but also pay attention to space lighting effects.

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