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Seeking Green Architectural Lighting

From the perspective of the luminaire, in addition to improving the light efficiency and life span.We strive to produce high-quality and long life span luminaires. Long-term stable operation of the lighting system will enable customers to gain a greater ruturn on investment. For this reson, we purse precise light distribution,if you wash a wall 5m high using an optimized optical design while maintaining the same luminance, the power consumption can be reduced by 35%,with an increase of 45% in uniformaity(minimum luminance/average luminance).

Seeking Optimal Cost-effective Light

Generally,the price of luminaires, the cost of implementation,and the cost of use(including electricity)are calculated to estimate such investment in lighting.However, the real value of luminaires for the user is how much has been spent, how much usefull light is available to the user, and what is the quality of that light. An excellent lighting design can facilitate rational planning on how huch light.the user needs and the quality of that light at a reasonable timing and proper spatial distribution. This allows the user to purchase light on demand and ensures the user receives the best cost-effective light. With regard to users’ investment, a good luminaire provides users with optimal cost-effective light. From the perspective of the entire life cycle of the luminaire, interms of lighting efficiency,quality of light, the effective utilization of light,and glare control,the following conclusions can be drawn: Lighting fixtures that are low in price do not necessarily mean that the user will eventuaully receive cost-effective light;likewise,an expensive one does not indicate the final price that the user receives is hgh either.LiteMatrix will always seek to provide the best cost-effective light for the customer.

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