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One garden on the sea,one charming Xiamen

2016/04/02 browse: 5735

One garden on the sea, one charming Xiamen-LiteMagic lighted the city for the International Conference again


On 3 Sept. 2017, leaders from BRICS gathered in Xiamen to attend a meeting, which is another important international conference after the G20 summit in Hangzhou in 2016. Xiamen government started to work for Cityscape lighting of key area as early as last year, and they invited domestic excellent experienced lighting design company to make lighting plan refered to more than 1400 spots,including buildings, bridges, coastlines, parks, etc . All the light projects were divided into 5 areas.


Accumulating rich large and medium-sized project experience after over ten yearspractice,LiteMagic team attended four of the Key Area landscape lighting project through quality products, perfect services, and flexible and rapid-response product customization:Xiamen International Center District, Xiamen Convention Center District , Gulangyu Island District and Xiamen SEC Thai • Hercynian center,including majority of landmark buildings,such as Shimao Channel Building, XiaMen International Center, Huijin International Center,Asia Gulf Hotel, Xiamen SEC Thai • Hercynian buildings,etc. In the urgent three months, LiteMagic continuously supplied about 400000 pcs of lights for the project. It is not only the high quality products but alsothe quick, patient and meticulous services that ensured the progress of the project.


The Ferry Section


The two super high-rise buildings of the Shimao channel building and the Xiamen International Center are located in this area.LiteMagic provided Dot Lights and Wallwasher and Lighting Control System of those two buildings. Apprearing in two white sails,Shimao Channel Building rising over 300 meter, is the landmark of Xiamen,which is comparable to the petrona towers of Kuala Lumpur, because of its two tower modelling. The XiaMen International Center is 339 meters tall,and now is the first tallest building in fujian province.


Xiamen Convention Center Section


Xiamen Convention Center District is close to the main site of the BRICS Summit, which is the world's attention during the summit .The construction projects ranged from Guanyin Mountain to Xiamen University, nearby 20 kilometers long and the building facades along the way were the key parts of the lighting project.LiteMagic Participated in the lighting work of eight buildings and finished it completely, Fuxing Building, Xinyi International Center,Guanyin Mountain,Tailong Buliding,Huijin International Center,Asia Gulf Hotel,Chuangguan International Center and Daly Operation Center, etc.


Thai • Hercynian Section


Xiamen SEC Thai • Hercynian center is located in this section.The  lighting project involved seven buildings of the Thai • Hercynian center,which use more than 25500 meters of LiteMagic customizable Linear Lights, equivalenting to the length of the 64 standard football field runways.


Gulangyu Island Section


In this project,  LiteMagic had lighted up majority sightseeing spots of Gulangyu Island, including Drum hole,the Bishan Cave,the DragonCave,the Shuzhuang Garden,the Neicuo’ao Wharf,the Civic Pier and the Piano Garden.It not only enhanced the visual impact on the base of pre-illumination,but also stress the characteristic of landscape and lighting performance. Lighted up by the lights,the building and hill established rhythm of low and tall scene, splendid and fabulous.LiteMagic exclusively selected the Linear Wallwasher and Pixel ight to prsent Gulangyu a sedate and profound night.

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