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Leifei Lean Program officially launched

2021/03/01 browse: 984

On July 5, 2019, 23 members of the Leifei management team participated in a full-day lean deployment introduction training. The introduction of lean deployment is the beginning of the implementation of the lean plan, and the holding of the training marks the official start of the lean plan that has been prepared for a long time.

This training invited the experienced Signify Business Transformation manager Philios Fan to introduce the lean deployment to the management team. The purpose is to first introduce the lean concept and thinking model,methods and steps; to be consistent with the management team when carrying out lean deployment activities; to obtain key information of the factory through on-site diagnosis training, which will be as preparation for subsequent on-site diagnosis and lean leadership training activities.


Observe on site to deepen understanding

The training is conducted in the form of seminars and on-site observations, which are divided into 7 parts including Lean Introduction, 8 Major Wastes, and On-site Observations. Philios Fan introduced the origin, concept and thinking mode of the Lean to Leifei team, and also shared many successful cases of Signify's implementation of Lean.

Philios Fan emphatically introduced the "8 major wastes": excessive transportation, inventory, redundant actions, waiting, excessive production, excessive processing, quality defects, and waste of skills. The management team was divided into three groups and went to the R&D department, warehouse, and production workshop to practise on-site observation and record the results. After the mentor's comments and analysis of observations, the management team has deepened their understanding of "waste".


▲Team 1 is doing observation practice in warehouse


▲Team 1 is doing observation practice in warehouse


Five stages and a long way to go

Signify's lean implementation method is a phased and comprehensive operation model. Lean deployment in manufacturing is divided into five stages: formation (selection excellence), storm (excellence in vision), specification (excellence in foundation), transformation (excellence in system) and execution (excellence in practice). Leifei is currently at the beginning of the first phase: Introduction to deployment process.

The goal of the first phase of lean deployment is: the organization is ready for deployment and key gaps are resolved. Therefore, next, we will implement lean organization preparations, form lean team and management promotion plans, induction training for lean leaders, on-site diagnosis, etc.

Our goal is to reach the fifth stage of lean deployment in the next 3-5 years.

In addition to lean deployment in manufacturing, we also plan to launch office lean deployment, with the goal of reducing waste of office resources outside of manufacturing and improving work efficiency.


▲Group photo of the management team participating in the training


Continuous improvement to the pursuit perfection

Lean is a long-term continuous improvement plan, which requires us to change our thinking habits and behavior habits, learn and use systematic methods, and persevere in continuous improvement.

Facing the fierce external competition environment and internal management problems, we can only survive and develop by working together to promote lean and continuously improve operational efficiency to enhance our competitiveness.

We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, the lean concept will take root and be fruitful in Leifei. Leifei will form a set of flexible, efficient and excellent management system; Leifei's employees will become lean talents, the happiness of employees will be improved, and Leifei will become a competitive world-class lighting factory!

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