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Smart Light and Joyful City-Review of activities during Interanion Lighting Fair

2021/03/01 browse: 956

During June every year, people of lighting industry, such as Leifei-ers become busy and active. On June 9th and 10th, a new technology sharing salon, with " Smart Light and Joyful City: ColorMagic Color Management System Release" as its theme, was held on the third floor of the Westin Hotel, Canton Fair. This time, we covered the product with a layer of light gauze, and the colorful, soft, and slowly changing light was washed on the surface of the light gauze, allowing the audience to feel the charm of light and shadow with changing colors.


▲Silhouette outlined by light


The highly anticipated ColorMagic color management system was unveiled at the sharing session.

The ColorMagic lighting gallery shows the excellent light color performance of luminaries and the advanced dimming and color adjustment technology of ColorMagic color management system.

Ming Guo, the product director of Lei Fei, also briefly shared the ColorMagic color management system on the spot, introducing how to use ColorMagic color management system to realize the four functions including color selection, color matching, color improvement and color fixation, which attracted many audiences.


Comparison between before and after dimming by ColorMagic color management system


Guo Ming, Product directive of LiteMagic


Cheng Long, general manager of Leifei's smart lighting department, also shared the latest technical achievements of the city-level smart lighting management system。For more than ten years, Leifei's control system has developed from a single to a systematic development, and gradually upgraded to a city-level smart lighting management system. Mr. Cheng’s in-depth and simple speech explained many obscure technical points for the audience.


Cheng Long, General Manager of Leifei Smart Lighting Department 



Within the two days, Leifei shared the latest technological achievements of ColorMagic color management system and smart city control system, which was universally recognized by customers.

We believe that these new technologies will become a useful weapon to exploit the new market.


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