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Xinnuofei joined hands with leifei to participate in the International Conference on Lighting & advertising building a world class commercial street in Hangzhouv

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From November 8 to 9, 2018, the "Zhejiang University City College Urban Management Forum" was launched and the international seminar on Lighting & advertising · building a world-class commercial street "was held in Hangzhou. This conference, gathering the wisdom of advanced industries at home and abroad, invited city managers, commercial real estate owners, business circle management experts, representatives of domestic and foreign associations, domestic and foreign city designers, and celebrities in the advertising industry from all over the country to launch China's high-quality commercial street lighting production enterprises, realize cross-border dialogue, and jointly discuss how to help Yan'an road build a world-class commercial street and build a national market The development of international commercial street. Among them, xinnuofei and leifei lighting, as co organizers, sent representatives to attend and shared their experience and views on building an international commercial street from the perspective of lighting.

On the afternoon of August 8, more than 40 people, including city managers, engineering design units and enterprise representatives from all over the country, gathered at the commercial street of Yan'an Road in Hangzhou to jointly inspect the business district of Yan'an Road. Zhou, director of the Management Committee of Wulin Square in Xiacheng District of Hangzhou, accompanied the guests in the whole process. The guests watched the lighting show of Wulin Square and the theme light show of Hangzhou city. Along the way, they inspected Hangzhou stadium and Hangzhou Jiali middle school The lighting of business districts such as Xin, Jiefang intersection, Hangzhou Gaoyin street intersection and West Lake.



On the morning of September 9, the launching ceremony of the urban management forum began. Representatives of Hangzhou municipal leaders made speeches. The organizers issued letters of appointment to the specially invited speakers and presented awards to outstanding cooperative units. Leifei lighting won the title of "excellent cooperative unit" for its collaborative contribution in the early stage of the forum.




Later, Mr. Yao mengming, vice president of China Lighting Society (design director of xinnuofei (China) Investment Co., Ltd.) and other special guests gave a wonderful keynote speech. The theme of the speech is elaborated from the aspects of management strategy, industry situation, etc. Starting from the theme of "commercial perception with lighting to build a world-class commercial street", he said, "all commercial street lighting have the integration of landscape and interaction. In the future, we hope to have a larger management platform to monitor and manage all the lights, so as to achieve overall energy saving and continuous updating. As for today's Hangzhou, the first word of our commercial street is connection. Only when there is connection can we share, open up and conform to the culture of Hangzhou. "



On the afternoon of the 9th, the industry's big names hosted a seminar on the theme of "how to build a world-class commercial street" with the summit of design masters and innovative product enterprises at home and abroad. Mr. Xiang Diming, general manager of professional channel of xinnuofei (China) Investment Co., Ltd., participated in the discussion on behalf of the enterprise. In the discussion, he put forward his own unique views on the light show and commercial street. He believes that on the one hand, lighting should be based on the positioning of Yan'an Road business district itself; on the other hand, lighting matching should be properly realized on the basis of learning from overseas and maintaining the original historical characteristics. The whole process of thematic discussion and technological innovation sharing is wonderful and rich.



Hangzhou plans to build its largest commercial street, Yan'an Road, into the world's top commercial street with "Hangzhou characteristics and Chinese model" and among the top ten commercial streets in the world. This is the first commercial street proposed by China and aimed at the world standard. The purpose of this forum is to explore the idea of lighting and advertising sublimation of urban commercial street, and help Hangzhou build a model of China's top commercial street.

Xinnuofei (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen leifei Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. as co organizers, sent representatives to attend and speak.


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