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Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 in Encouraging Quotes, Featured Posts | 4 comments

5 Excuses You Have To Stop Using Right Now !! (and 2 Inspirational Quotes to Help You)

5 Excuses You Have To Stop Using Right Now !! (and 2 Inspirational Quotes to Help You)

Do you sometimes tell people about your big dreams, but then add you don’t have time for them now? Or even better, you explain that you are really really motivated but just waiting for something to happen (a job promotion, getting married, the right moment…). Did it happen to you too?

That’s what I thought.

One day (I don’t remember when), I realized that as many human beings around me, I had the tendency to make excuses for things I had to do but were a challenge to me. I looked around, and I observed that this is the normal behavior for most people. Making excuses rather than finding solutions. Blaming external elements for my own situation. Blaming other people for my problems.
People love making excuses. For anything. “The rain”. “Bad luck”. “I don’t have time”. Listen carefully to yourself, and to others. It’s easy to spot these excuses.

However, I have this theory that there’s nothing impossible. If you really want something, you’ll find the solutions for it, rather than making excuses. I know some people won’t like this way of thinking. Usually when I tell people that they have their life in their own hands, they start giving me … excuses.

Better off in your comfort zone than trying something new, ey?

The two Encouraging Quotes

Let’s first start with these two quotes. While the word “encouraging” might be a little bit stronger, I’d rather say these are meaningful quotes – and they are true. So true.

“Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”- George Washington Carver

“Those who lack the courage will always find a philosophy to justify it” – Albert Camus

Now that we know that famous people also agree that making excuses is a bad thing, let’s see what kind of excuses you probably use often.

The excuse of time

“I don’t have time”

Time is our most precious resource, and it’s the most fair. We are all given the same amount of seconds every single day, and its use is totally up to us. Yes, I know, you need to sleep 7 hours and go to work and get money to pay the loans. But some people managed to build a business working 4 hours a week. Other decided to get better sleep habits and sleep less.

There is always a way to make some time for what really matters. Be more productive and leave work 30 minutes earlier. Stop watching TV as soon as you come back home. Check your Facebook stream only once a day. Wake up 30 minutes earlier. Batch errands.

If you can’t make more time, it’s just a matter of prioritization. Your most important goal in your life might not be as important as you thought, so review your goals.

The excuse of money

“I don’t have money”

Yes, really? You have no money? And yet you have a computer and Internet, so I can only guess that some money has been spent on those (and if you are reading this from work, well you have a work, so things definitely could be worse).

There is a popular belief that starting a business requires a large amount of money. Fortunately, it’s not true. Many businesses required as little as 100 dollars (yes, a hundred dollars) to start. You should definitely read Chris Guillebeau’s The 100$ Startup, this is mind blowing and will definitely put you in the right mindset about money and about going for that big change you are dreading so much.

For example, in the past 10 years, many people learned the tricks of Internet Marketing and Blogging and managed to earn an income online. Upfront investment? 0 dollars. You can create a site on a shared domain, such as, and it will cost you zero. Nada. There are many available resources available in many places, for free, about how to make a living online and the best tricks to maximize your profits. Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income is a must, since it offers so much epic content – all for free.

So, you have no more excuses.

Start an online business on the side. Offer your services on Fiverr or Elance. Spend less. Never go out for dinner. Sell your TV set. Sell your car and go by bike to work.

Red stop sign with "making excuses" written

Making excuses will block you


The excuse of knowledge

“I don’t know”

Well, you know, 6 months ago, I had almost no clue about blogging. Sure, I had done some blogs here and there but with quiet a poor quality and almost no readers at all. I basically didn’t know anything. And yet, I learned. I read. A lot. I took action. Trial and error. I learned my lessons.

Knowledge is not a limiting factor anymore. Not in 2013. 20 years ago, that might have been true. But nowadays, virtually any information can be found online. Think about Wikipedia, YouTube, Google, Wikihow … For any thing you want to learn, there is for sure a website offering amazing information for free. Have a look:

The excuse of anticipation

“It will never work”

Indeed, that one is true. It will never work … if you don’t start in the first place.

Until you try, you will never know. Yes, it’s scary. But it’s also exciting. You don’t know what will happen, so literally you don’t have a clue about what the outcome will be. It can actually surprise you. It can actually be much more positive than you ever dreamed of.

My advice here: Prepare yourself. Put all the odds on your side. Make sure there will be nothing to regret once you jump in. If it’s for a business, have a good marketing study beforehand (benchmark). Make sure you know your target audience. Make sure people will buy what you sell. Ask around you. Get advice from people who know. Read books. If it’s for a running competition, go running every day. If you want to take the girl of your dream on a date, brush your teeth twice and wear your best perfume.

The excuse of experience

“It didn’t work in the past, why would it work now?”

You know what they say: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Don’t be a fool. If it didn’t work previously, learn your lesson, take the feedback, change something and try again. And change again, and try again. The most successful people have one thing in common: perseverance.

Failure is only when you stop, not when you try again (tweet this).

Bonus saying

There are so many more excuses that we use on a daily basis, but don’t worry, I’ll tackle them on other blog posts.

I’ll just finish on this Arab proverb, which I find pretty true and often remind to people around me when I see them making up excuses:

Where there is a will there is a way. Where there is no will there is an excuse.

Use it as much as you need, on yourself or on others.

It’s now the end of this post. Hope you liked it. You can find many other carefully chosen encouraging quotes on my blog.

Please share the love, help your friends and family stop making excuses, and most important, like me on Facebook and join my newsletter. It’s free, it will take you 30 seconds, it’s full of great tips and it’s not like any other newsletter. So you have no excuses!

Photos are courtesy of Krissy Venosdale and Vivid Perspective.

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  1. Nice post ! I like the quotes and the examples!
    I also like to say: “There are people who find solutions, and there are people who find excuses”… I find it very powerful when said to someone :)

  2. Yes I also use that one from time to time :) Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi there! I realize this is somewhat off-topic however I had to ask.

    Does operating a well-established blog such as yours take a
    massive amount work? I’m completely new to writing a blog however I do write in my journal everyday. I’d
    like to start a blog so I can share my experience and feelings online.
    Please let me know if you have any kind of recommendations or tips for new aspiring bloggers.
    Appreciate it!

    • Hi, thanks for the compliment, I don’t think my blog is yet a “well-established blog” ;)
      I’ll write an email in private directly, but yes, it takes a lot of work!


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