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Posted by on Jan 28, 2013 in Featured Posts, Good Habits Challenges, Infographic | 0 comments

No Snooze Challenge – Update 1 + Infographic

No Snooze Challenge – Update 1 + Infographic

We are 2 weeks through the No Snooze Challenge, the first attempt to acquire new good habits. Here is the first update.

This challenge was as difficult as I expected it – that’s why I am holding it, right? If that was easy, well I wouldn’t have shared anything here. As anticipated in my blog post on The Lifestyle facts blog, the pattern is usually the same: I’m very motivated in the evenings when I set up my alarm clock, thinking that this time I’m gonna wake up on time; but when the alarm rings, that’s a very different story and I completely forget about how waking up early can make my day better and happier.

Out of 15 mornings, I woke up on the first attempt 10 times (which is much better than my usual rate). The 5 other times, I either hit the snooze button and postponed the alarm or decided to sleep in. Saturdays and Sundays have been the most unsuccessful days so far – it’s the weekend and I had no reasons whatsoever to wake up. Even though I would put my alarm late enough (7 hours after going to sleep), it seems I really needed to get some sleeping time back.

The lessons learned so far are the following:

  • I need to jump in the shower straight after waking up – otherwise I’ll just be a zombie having cereals for breakfast, or even worse, I’ll go back to bed after 5 minutes.
  • In the weekends it really gets much more difficult to wake up at a fixed time – even when I allow myself enough sleep time (7 hours). Maybe it’s time to experiment larger sleep times for the weekends (8 or 9 hours).
  • I definitely need more sleep – yesterday night I went to bed at 1am and when the alarm rang this morning at 7am, I had such a hard time waking up… I finally did it, thinking about the challenge and my chain on, but that was hard. Having enough sleep is definitely the best way to wake up early and fresh in the morning.
  • Being accountable helps: I am sharing this challenge with Lifeologist from The Lifestyle Facts blog, some of my friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook are as motivated as I am to avoid hitting the Snooze button and finally, I made my No Snooze chain publicly available on

What about you? Which tricks worked and which didn’t ? How long was your largest chain? If you know anybody that would find interest in such a challenge, please share this post with them.
And stay tuned for the next update on this challenge or for the next good habits I am going to build.


PS: Not motivated yet for this challenge? Check out the “benefits” of Snoozing with this awesome infographic from Pedro:

Get Good Habits - No Snooze Infographic

You snooze, you lose

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