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Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 in Encouraging Quotes | 7 comments

Encouraging Quotes #7 – Believe In Yourself

Encouraging Quotes #7 – Believe In Yourself

The first inspirational words for 2013. Finally! I know, you have been waiting for them, so here we are.

Today’s quote

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy” – Norman Vincent Peale

It’s not the first time you stumble upon something about self-confidence, right? You have read over and over again that you have to believe in yourself.

Fair enough.

But 2013 has just started, and you probably made a list of resolutions for the New Year (although I told you not to, remember?). Are you sticking to them? Do you see any result yet? Are you thinking of giving up already?

Believing in yourself is one of the major factors of success in achieving any goals or resolutions. If you don’t believe in yourself in the first place, if you don’t believe you are capable of sticking to these resolutions, then you will eventually fail. If you go through a rough patch, self-confidence will help you find solutions and motivation, instead of putting barriers and excuses.

This great article will give you some hints on how to build your self-esteem, so I won’t enter in the details here. Just remember some key points:

  • If you believe in yourself, you will force others to believe in you.
  • Stop considering people’s negative opinions are important. They’re not. YOU are the one living YOUR life. So ignore criticism, and just learn from constructive feedbacks.

And here is an extra tip of mine that you could use now. Ask your friends, co-workers and family for your main qualities. Really. I attended a Personal Leadership course in Madrid two months ago with some colleagues, and the final exercise was to pick up one quality for each of us. Then, you would sit and listen to each person telling the quality they most liked about you. It was awesome. Believe me. That really gave a boost to my confidence.


Self-confidence is like everything else. It needs practice, and will improve with time if you commit to it.

Believe note and bracelet

Believe in yourself every day.

So, practice:

  • Pick up an easy challenge. Something that you can do, that is easy for you, but not for everybody. Anything will do, but here are some examples: cook a great meal, solve a math problem, run 10k, play your favorite song on the piano, … You got the point.
  • Do it.
  • Remember that not everybody would have succeeded in this. I’m sure you know people who can’t play the banjo, right? But you can.
  • Also remember that not so long ago you couldn’t achieve this.
  • And now, read again the quote: Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

See, you succeeded. You achieved something. You can be trusted. You have capabilities.

Think this was an easy challenge? Well, yes it was, but not so long ago it was something you would have labeled as “difficult”. “Oh, no, I can’t do this”. Noticed the word? “Can’t”.

Do you see my point? You are capable. Small things, big things, these are really the same. Whatever is small now used to be big to you. But time passed, you learned, and you succeeded.

Oh, and what about me?

Well, self-confidence is not an inner thing to me. As I said, it has to be practiced, right?

So here I am, practicing.  Writing blog posts, although I don’t think I’m such a good writer (but it will eventually improve, right?). Writing in English although I am aware that my English is basic (but hey, you know what? With this basic English, almost anybody on earth can understand me). Sharing my views on the world, on happiness, on the society…

Little by little, I’m building self-esteem.

Next step : tomorrow. I’m going public. For the past few months, I have been blogging “privately”, meaning only people who would find me via Google, Reddit, Twitter or other blogs would see something of You Every Second. This also means that none of my friends and family has seen this blog so far. I am a bit afraid of the reactions, I know that some of my so-called “friends” will probably criticize this initiative, or make fun of me. “That’s corny”. “Come ooooon”. “Get a life”.

But I do believe in myself. In my vision of the world and of happiness. I believe in the tips I give. I believe that my way of transmitting these positive quotes is the correct one, and I believe I can actually make a difference in the world. Besides, I just read a nice review of my blog on Gael Blanchemain’s blog about happiness, and well, as I said above, having someone else saying a nice thing about you really helps confidence, right?

So here I am. Going public. Fighting my fears, or better said, not caring about people’s reactions. Tomorrow, I’ll update all my personal social profiles as well as my personal website and my blog, and I’ll spread the word. Hope you do so as well.

This was the seventh addition to my series of Inspirational Words, I hope you enjoyed it. Leave a comment and share YOUR life changing tip on how to build self-confidence. If you wish to receive regular updates in your inbox, please subscribe to my newsletter on the right.


Credits photo to Mj Hajali and Girish Suryawanshi

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  1. One of your quotes really got my attention; “If you believe in yourself, you will force others to believe in you.” That’s a really good saying. If you live by that you can achieve great things in life.

  2. Found ya! Hey, not everyone can say Chapultepec or Xochimilco, so you must feel good you can! :p

    Really nice to see you sharing your experience and happiness, Nico!

    Have a nice Tequila flash back! :D

    • Awesome Pepe!!! How did you find me ? :)
      Thanks for the nice flash back … boy that was awesooome!!! Want to go back there!!
      Take care my friend!!
      And I’m happy you like the blog… any feedback is appreciated, good or bad!!

  3. Thank you for sharing. Believing in yourself is the strongest foundation for success. It would be great if everyone class in grade school begin with one your lessons,inspiring the minds of so many children.

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    Avoid emotionally and mentally negative situations and thought patterns, so you can make the best out of your life and others around you. Put your family first building a foundation of love and respect. A family is a group of individuals living under the same roof, united by certain convictions and common affiliation, the basic and various social units in society. A unit that should be valued!

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    • Thank you Sarah! Could you maybe send me a free copy of that book?

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