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Posted by on Nov 11, 2012 in Productivity Improvement | 2 comments

One Very Efficient Tip For Immediate Productivity Improvement

One Very Efficient Tip For Immediate Productivity Improvement

When you get up in the morning, first thing you do is check up your emails, right? And when you get to work, well you check your work emails, don’t you? I am sorry to break your reality then… cause those two innocent actions are total productivity killers. If you open your emails, you will eventually start doing something that you didn’t plan, or talk to your boss and start a quick meeting. All your important tasks are postponed until further notice. But, to prevent that, I have for you a very special tip for immediate productivity improvement.

Perform your Most Important Task before anything else and Increase Your Productivity

Well that sounds like an easy one, but believe me, this is a life changer. If you make sure to do one of your most important tasks before reading your emails, your RSS feeds or checking your Twitter and/or your Facebook, well your journey is half complete.

Many productivity gurus, such as Leo Babauta or Tim Ferriss, refer to this trick as one of the most important.

Just think about it. How many times did you finish the day and realize you almost didn’t do anything because you opened your emails and there was this “special” or “urgent” message that you just couldn’t ignore? It used to happen to me every single day.

Oh well I had my super to-do list, I knew which tasks I was supposed to complete every day, but I would open my emails in the morning, straight when landing on my chair… and one thing leading to an other, I would really start being productive by 12pm or 1pm.

But now, imagine the other way around. You arrive at your desk, and before anything else, you retrieve your list of tasks and choose an important one. And you just do it. Right here, right now baby. You do it. Whatever the time it might take, you finish the task and THEN you read your emails, not before.

Avoid interruptions

The trick here is to avoid any external interruptions. And emails along with instant messaging software are the big bosses of interruptions. If you open your email account straight after logging in to your account, well you’re good for a special treat. Actually, here I can’t even talk about interruptions, since you barely started your day, so… there’s nothing to interrupt, really.

Do you see the power of that tip? You just get something done, now. No overheads, no emails, no Facebook, nothing in the way. It’s 10am, you already completed something relevant, and you can go to grab a coffee with the great feeling that your day couldn’t start any better.

It also works at home, after lunch, in the weekend, …

I have a job as a software programmer and I know how hard it can be to get productive, so in my blog posts I usually refer to office situations. Nevertheless, the vast majority of examples and outcomes can be applied in almost any situations.

For instance one of my personal goal is to improve my guitar skills, so with this in mind, the first thing I do when I wake up is to play 10 minutes of guitar. Doesn’t look that much, but believe me from experience, if I don’t do it when I wake up, I usually don’t do it at all. Why, you might ask? Well, you probably know the reasons : you check the emails, the news, have breakfast, have a shower … and it’s already late so you have to run to the office. And when you are back, well you either made plans for the evening, or you have to finish that special thing for your personal business. So, no guitar.

Special focus on one task before “anything else” also has an obvious psychological outcome: your peace of mind. Needless to say, you will feel much better after completing that particular work, and that’s a really good way to start your day/workday/night.

Enthusiasm and positivism are essential to productivity improvement and reaching your goals, never forget it. So just take and master whatever can help you increase your efficiency AND make you feel better.

I would love to hear your thoughts about that special tip. I know it’s quiet hard to apply it every day, but I also know that the benefit is really huge. Did you try yourself this technique? Do you use another one? How do you make sure your day started on a good basis and that is gonna be a good productive day?


Image courtesy of DamienOz

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  1. If anyone needed this post more it was me.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Lorie, i’m happy to help! :)

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