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Quotes of Encouragement #8 – Overcoming obstacles

Quotes of Encouragement #8 – Overcoming obstacles

Some new quotes of encouragement for this week. Two months ago I shared some quotes about never giving up and today again I’d like to delight you with another motivation talk about facing the hurdles and overcoming obstacles.

I found today’s encouraging quote on The Lifestyle Facts blog, in this great post… and here it is for you:

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one” – Bruce Lee

So many people would love to have an easy life. They see famous actors, rock bands or top models on TV and only wish they could be in the same situation. Thinking it has been easy for those people. You know … Luck.

But nothing comes easy in life. Never. Even gifted people (those who are naturally born with a talent) have to work really hard to reach the top in their area. Even those.

Hard work makes the difference

Of course Michael Phelps was born with bigger lungs than most of the population. Does it mean the first time he went inside a pool he set a new world record for 50 meters? No. Was it easy for him to win 18 Olympic gold medals? Of course not. That required a lot of hard work and a lot of failures as well.

Most people don’t want to accept that crude truth. They will say they are out of luck or that it’s impossible, rather than admitting they are not willing to put the necessary efforts. As I said, many are only dreaming of waking up in a completely different situation – but will never do any effort to get closer to that dreamed situation. And if anybody asks them why they are not making any move, they will blame the crisis, the people around them, the lack of time … Whatever works.

All good things require work. If you want an easy (and boring) life, do nothing. Try nothing. Learn nothing. Sit down and relax in front of the TV. The result is guaranteed : you will get nothing in return.

But if you want something exciting, something to be proud of, something to wake up for, well you will have to fight for it. Fair enough, no?

Life is difficult. Get over it.

Accept this and face the obstacles with strength and guts.

Don’t see obstacles, see opportunities (Tweet this)

Remember that what matters is the journey (what you learn on your way) rather than the destination (the reward, the success, the fame …). Whatever the outcome is, positive or negative, success or failure, you will win this fight; because every lesson learned is a step closer to whatever it is you want to achieve.

Every hurdle passed will make the next one a tiny bit easier to pass.

Face the hurdles and move forward.

What are your hurdles?

I love giving these ‘pep talks’ in my posts. I really do. But I guess sometimes it might look like I’m telling you what to do and am behaving as if I was the only one with the truth. Obviously, it’s not the case and it’s just my own point of view, but I like to think that this motivational speech is helping you out. Is it?

Now, it’s your turn.

What is the most exciting opportunity you are having right now (sorry, I meant the most difficult obstacle)? What are you doing to get closer to your dreams? Do you know anyone who is having big dreams but is not taking action? Share this article with that person and help him/her out.

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This was the eighth delivery of my series of quotes of encouragement, and I hope you like them. If you enjoyed this pep talk and want to receive more every Monday in your inbox, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter below or on the right hand side.


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