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Posted by on May 6, 2013 in Encouraging Quotes, Featured Posts, Happiness | 0 comments

Positive Quote Of The Day : Let Your Smile Change The World

Positive Quote Of The Day : Let Your Smile Change The World

Don’t you feel great when someone smiles at you? I do feel awesome and powerful, it usually pumps up my mood. But did you know that recent studies showed that forcing yourself to smile can also decrease your stress and increase your happiness (tweet this) ? It’s all in here and it’s really interesting. If you still doubt about the benefits of smiling, here is the positive quote of the day I’ve found related to smiling.

Let your smile change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.

And as you know, here on You Every Second, a quote never comes alone, so let me explain why and how you should smile to the world.

It’s free

It’s crisis time. Now you have to pay for almost anything. Most pleasures or hobbies will get you to spend some money, but you don’t have that money. Or you are not willing to spend it.

Well guess what. Smiling is free. Smiling will bring you instantaneous happiness for free. Even better, it will actually bring others a spark of happiness for a few seconds.

Remember, a smile costs less than electricity, but gives more light (tweet this).

It will change your mind, your world, your neighbor’s world

Remember last time you were in a traffic jam. Or waiting in line. Were people smiling? No, of course no.

Now, do you think that it would have been easier if people were smiling at each other, being more polite, even engaging conversations? For sure it wouldn’t have harmed anybody, right? The traffic jam would have felt smoother and the waiting in line not so long.

If you love it when someone smiles to you, smile back to people. Even if they frown upon you. Smiling is so easy and so powerful, and yet so many people forget to smile because they are trapped in what they think is a complicated and stressful life. That’s not a reason to forget to smile and be happy. And as said above, forcing yourself to smile can actually make your day and your life much brighter – and anybody seeing you or crossing your path will be positively affected by your smiling face and your positive glow.

Bottom line is: in the worst case, smiling won’t change a thing (it won’t harm you). In the best case, it will change everything. Happy thoughts will come to you. Smile at someone, and that other person will feel special. Smile at yourself, and you will feel special yourself.

It’s corny, so what?

Yes, some people will read this and think “oh come on, don’t be such a ******. Smiling is not an answer to everything.

Of course it’s not. I’ve never said so. We all have problems, issues, fears… There’s no single person on earth that is completely and fully free from worries. Buddhist monks also have issues, they just know how to accept them and face them better than us.

When you face a bump on the road, you have two solutions: you can either feel bad, sad and stressed about it, or you can accept it and embrace it. Smiling will put you on the right path to acceptance.

Smile and you will see the positive side of things. Remember, there is always something positive. The issues won’t disappear by themselves, of course not; but you will definitely have a more positive approach to life. You just need to smile.

When and how should I smile?

Smiling is no rocket science, but since life often gets in the way, you could find a way to never forget to smile, even in the toughest or most boring moments. It can be :

  • a post-it on your fridge
  • a positive affirmation that you’ll read every morning
  • an alarm on your mobile phone
  • associating something to the fact of smiling – every time you see a baby, you have to smile. Every time you see something bright red, you have to smile. Got the idea?

There’s no perfect way or no perfect time to smile. But you should definitely build up your environment and facilitate that little smile on your face. There are many ways to do this, among which:

  • surround yourself with happy people
  • watch George Carlin talking about stuff
  • have a drink with a friend and remember great past memories. You can also make plans for the future.
  • laugh about yourself.

And remember. You have to fake it until you make it. So if you need to, force yourself to smile. You’ll see things differently (tweet this).

Smile for the picture

I want to see you smile. You can either post on my Facebook page a picture of you smiling to me or just share this post with a friend, make him smile … and make me smile as well. Likes and tweets always give me big smiles!!

Photo courtesy of Sjany

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